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Ticket 1 – OSPF Authentication

March 30th, 2015 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

1.Client is unable to ping R1’s serial interface from the client.

Problem was disable authentication on R1, check where authentication is not given under router ospf of R1. (use ipv4 Layer 3)

Configuration of R1:

interface Serial0/0/0
 description Link to R2
 ip address
 ip nat inside
 encapsulation frame-relay
 ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT
 ip ospf network point-to-point
router ospf 1
 network area 12
 network area 12
 default-information originate always

Configuration of R2:
interface Serial0/0/0.12 point-to-point
 ip address
 ip ospf authentication message-digest
 ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT

Answer: on R1 need command ip ospf authentication message-digest”

Ans1) R1
Ans2) IPv4 OSPF Routing
Ans3) Enable OSPF authentication on the s0/0/0 interface using the “ip ospf authentication message-digest” command.


There are two ways of configuring OSPF authentication:

interface Serial0/0/0
  ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSH00T
router ospf 1
  area 12 authentication message-digest


interface Serial0/0/0
  ip ospf authentication message-digest
  ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSH00T

So you have to check carefully in both interface mode and “router ospf 1”. If none of them has authentication then it is a fault.

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  1. CCIE Expert
    January 30th, 2017

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    13 Tickets in Packet Tracer
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  2. joseph
    January 31st, 2017

    There has been a change of questions. no simlets. MCQ also changed.
    there are few qns need to do some configurations.
    couple of lab was Why is R1 unable to DSW2 loopback. Client1 can ping R1 and all other routers.
    there are still some which remain.
    didnt manage to pass.

  3. CCNP- Deutschland
    January 31st, 2017

    hi Joseph

    All 6 MSQs are changed or how many of them?

  4. Anonymous
    February 1st, 2017

    passed 951/1000
    13 tickets and 6 MCQ

    Exactly like this page, thanks

  5. Qadri
    February 1st, 2017

    Hi all..
    Passed my T-shoot exam successfully. MCQ’s same. i got 7 MCQ,s and 12 tickets.
    so prepare all the tickets and MCQ’s. There are total 20 MCQ’s only. form which you can get 6 or 7 in exam. and 12 or 13 tickets.
    DHCP excluded address, ip helper address, EIGRP AS # & HSRP track object. These tickets were not my exam. all other i got in my exam. so probably someone gets this these tickets. so prepare all the tickets. and if someone needs help then i can provide a chart through which you can pass exam and latest dumbs and also i will provide help as well. The charges will be $10 only. My gmail address is: {email not allowed}

  6. Anonymous
    February 1st, 2017

    @Qadri congrat! first , from where did you read for exam ?? which dump is valid (which_number)q ??

  7. 2/3 CCNP
    February 2nd, 2017


    Just passed tshoot exam. Score 870/1000
    It was not so easy. A lot of new questions MCQ and a very hard iBGP & eBGP Sim. On this one there were two AS. Your duty is to console R1 and fix the issue. The iBGP & eBGP are in idle state.
    Also I had a problem in a ticket. I’ve left a comment.
    Apart from that everything worked just fine.

  8. Anonymous2
    February 2nd, 2017

    @2/3CCNP can you remember the New Question and new labsim Question that appear in the exam ??

  9. Raghav
    February 2nd, 2017

    Passed today. MCQs changed, New exhibits, not so difficult iBGP & eBGP Simulation. Trouble tickets remained unchanged though.

    Read the Scenario for iBGP & eBGP Simulation your answers will be there if you pay attention when looking at the configuration.

    12 tickets
    6 MCQs
    1 Simulation for iBGP & eBGP

  10. AnonymousGM
    February 3rd, 2017

    @Raghav does the exam contained IPv6 lab ??
    from where did you read the new MCQs Question and (IBGP & EBGP)labsim

  11. achoo
    February 5th, 2017


    All the latest questions are available on this link. credit to Ahmed who shared his experience with us.

  12. Raghav
    February 7th, 2017

    @AnonymousGM – Change of MCQ came to me as surprise, I just picked the right one. IBGP & EBGP)labsim is fairly easy to fix. Go through Ahmed’s google drive with new questions pdf.

  13. Kristal
    February 10th, 2017

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  14. led
    February 15th, 2017

    Just passed the CCNP TSHOOT exam, and in MCQs there was the ones that Ahmed has shared.. It was a surprise to me but at the end I did it. For future candidates refer to Ahmed MCQ and IBGP/EBGP simlet, they are exactly the same.

  15. Anonymous
    February 17th, 2017

    Can u share o

  16. Mia
    February 18th, 2017

    Can some please share ibgp and ebgp please….

  17. Passed
    February 18th, 2017

    file password is: stct

    Get Download here
    TSHOOT 300-135 = 68+6 new MCQs+13labs Q&As DUMPS


  18. Good_Help
    February 20th, 2017

    Passed with Perfect score
    I got 19 questions in total, 12 tickets (no BGP) all from here, 6 MCQ and 1 IBGP/EBGP simlet (Ahmed posted)

    Networktut can you please updated MCQ and IBGP/EBGP Simlet

  19. Good_Help
    February 20th, 2017

    Mia please check the google drive link posted by “achoo” above for MCQ and IBGP/EBGP same on the exam

  20. Heena
    February 20th, 2017

    Passed exam today 975/1000. Thanks to Ahmad elrofei. All that he gave came. But exam pattern has been changed. It’s not like we have to choose tickets. But it’s coming one by one,like other CCNP exams. Check in top right corner to see , in which question you are.
    Also there is a bug in ibgp/ebgp sim.
    Able to remove neighbor command and fix ebgp issue.
    But unable to rewrite/remove neighbor ibgp remote-as 64550. Even if u remove this command it’s not removing. I asked examiner, she told I need to contact Cisco. So I just added a comment to that question, which is available in top left corner. And did below and gave next.
    Router bgp 64520
    Corrected neighbor IP for ebgp
    Neighbor ibgp peer-group
    Neighbor ibgp remote-as 64520
    (Above will be like extra command in that bgp)
    All the best folks!!

  21. Baby Sri
    February 21st, 2017

    Hi Heena ,

    Thanks for the update, kindly share what pattern changed. Kindly share some update ,this week I appear for the exam

  22. JOR
    February 22nd, 2017

    Dear all,

    Please send any new dumbs hani dot mradaideh at gmail dot com

  23. JP
    February 24th, 2017

    So… Why in the OSPF Auth ticket does DSW1 trace end at I am seeing that R3 doesn’t have a default gateway, but it is still neighbors with R2 under the RID. That RID is R2, shouldn’t this trace be failing at R2? Is this how the test works?

  24. baby Sri
    February 24th, 2017

    Just ping PC1 to and

    if the ping success to but not with
    it is OSPF authentication issue

  25. Anonymous
    March 5th, 2017

    Dear All
    Please Need Your Support To Send Me The Valid Dump To My Email Saudbeyan1 At gmail dot com

  26. Guid
    March 5th, 2017

    I passed the exams yesterday with 1000/1000. Ahmed really did a good job with his update. Questions were same from here with new MCQ with IBGP and EBGP. Thanks be to God for helping me pass my TShoot exams.

  27. helpz
    March 15th, 2017

    The link from Ahmad is down, does anybody know where I can find it?

  28. Faisal
    March 19th, 2017

    Can any one share Ahmed google drive link please. or send me on mfaisalchishti at hotmail.com

  29. Anonymous
    March 20th, 2017

    can you please reviewer or dumps to examking_82@gmail Thanks!

  30. Anonymous
    March 20th, 2017

    can you please reviewer or dumps to examking1982@gmail Thanks!

  31. jane woken52
    March 21st, 2017

    helppppppppppppp pleaseeee :(

    hi all,

    I’m waiting for help, but still have not got any help. So asking again for help. I’m failed to download the file “TSHOOT_Feb_2017.pdf” from http://www.pmsas.pr.gov.br/wp-content/?id=networktut-300-135&exam=questions-and-answers. So Please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me, and send me this file and valid dumps to my email. My email address is ” jane_woken52 @ yahoo.com ” . Please remove the spaces before and after the @ sign. I’m about to cry now :( :( :( , waiting for help.

  32. Blazini
    March 28th, 2017

    Can any one share Ahmed google drive link please blazini81 @ gmail dot com

  33. tester
    March 31st, 2017

    I just passed 90% on 29th. All materials from here are relevant.

  34. SY
    April 4th, 2017

    Does anyone have a valid dump please send to {email not allowed}

  35. Anonymous
    April 5th, 2017

    Hi does anyone have passed exam recently. I need valid dumps as i have an exam coming up in near future. Please share the valid dumps..

  36. rakker
    April 6th, 2017

    Ticket still valid, I passed today

  37. Springle-DUMPS
    April 11th, 2017

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    68 + 6 new MCQs + 13 labs Q&As DUMPS

  38. KienNT
    April 14th, 2017

    Please, give me dumb T-sh new update ,
    ngocthanhkien9200@gmail dot com

  39. Mouna
    April 25th, 2017

    Hello Guys, I have my exam on 27th April. I am preparing only using Networktut.com. Please tell me will the dumps be the same till 27th? Please confirm if ticket 2, 10 and 13 are relevant or not? just exam point of view.

  40. Mack
    April 26th, 2017

    Used all tickets were from this dumps https://twitter.com/premiumdumps1/status/856806303712382977

    Most of the tickets are covered here too so you probably don’t need the dumps but your call.

  41. Lolo
    April 26th, 2017

    HI Guys :)
    Please send any dump
    nesquik730000 at hotmail fr

  42. lolo
    April 26th, 2017

    HI Guys :)
    Please can you send me the latest dump
    nesquik730000 at hotmail fr

  43. iv
    May 2nd, 2017

    @networktut Network between R1 and R2 is not being advertised by R1 in ospf area 12. Isn’t that going to be a problem for client 1 not being able to ping the server?

  44. Yo
    May 5th, 2017

    Why doesn’t this answer line up with the ticket on the main page?

  45. paco
    May 6th, 2017

    Can somebody awnser this question.
    February 24th, 2017

    So… Why in the OSPF Auth ticket does DSW1 trace end at I am seeing that R3 doesn’t have a default gateway, but it is still neighbors with R2 under the RID. That RID is R2, shouldn’t this trace be failing at R2? Is this how the test works?”

    I have the same question and i have not figure this out yet.
    Thank you

  46. paco
    May 6th, 2017

    Does it have to do with the area type of R4 that will generate a default route no matter what?

    I’m guessing that once the authentication between R1 and R2 breaks they will not exchange the default route which will reflect on R3. But then because you an NSSA area you have R4 with a default route to .9?
    Anybody that can shine some light on this will help a lot.
    Thank you

  47. iva
    May 8th, 2017

    please help. i have my exam in 2 weeks, any new info. I need dumps and guide as well

  48. david
    May 23rd, 2017

    I just passed today. Got 1000/1000. Stick only to networktut.com. All the questions in feb. 2017.pdf from tut came out. Pls practice nothing but tut. All still valid

  49. Joe
    May 25th, 2017

    DSW1 trace ends at – since Router R3 doesn’t have any (North going) “Default Gateway”, simply because the OSPF “Default Information Originate” Command on R1 has NO effect within THIS Ticket, since Router R1 / R2 has NO OSPF Routes between them, due to the missing / troublesome (OSPF) MD5 Auth. among the two routers (R1/R2)!
    Hope this helps!?

  50. Joe
    May 25th, 2017

    And YES, because of the OSPF NSSA area between R3/R4, you have a Default Route from DSW1 towards -> the outgoing I/F on R4 (via R4 ingress I/F: within the actual traffic Path! -That’s correct!

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