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Posted byCCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvRE3 years ago

CCNA v3.0 - What changed

Hello everyone, as you surely know, the CCNA v3.0 is coming very soon. The new exams are numbered 100-105, 200-105 and 200-125. The last day for 100-101 and the combined 200-120 is August 20th 2016. For the 200-101, you get until September 24th 2016 (or 21st according to some emails from Pearson). Here's a summary of what changed in the new version.

100-105 - ICND1

Right off the bat, the new topics are much clearer, much easier to understand and are quite similar to the old 100-101 topics.

  • No more bridges and hubs, replaced by a basic understanding of firewalls, wireless controllers and access points.

  • LAN switching is the same as usual, nothing really new in there.

  • Routing stays pretty much intact. RIPv2 is the only thing tested on at the ICND1 level, along with static routes in IPv4 and IPv6. No more OSPF.

  • IP services. You need to know how to configure NTP and NAT.

All in all, it's minor changes on this exam, but the topics list is much clearer and better organized.

200-105 - ICND2

This is where there are major changes. Some good (no more Frame-Relay!) and some scarier for most people (single-homed eBGP). Yes, there is now some basic BGP config at the CCNA level.

  • LAN switching topics are much more detailed. It covers pretty much the same stuff as ICND1 and ICND2 used to, but it's listed properly. Major addition are switch stacking and chassis aggregation benefits. Some security features are also present : 802.1x, DHCP snooping, nondefault nativve VLAN, but nothing major on that side.

  • Routing topics are pretty much the same : Router on a stick, SVI, Link-state vs Distance vector, Interior vs Exterior, OSPFv2 and v3, EIGRP IPv4 and IPv6.

  • WAN technologies. No more Frame-Relay, rejoice my friends! However, you now get PPP, MLPPP, PPPoE and GRE tunnels. WAN topologies are the same, but WAN connectivity is now updated with MPLS, MetroE, Broadband PPPoE and VPNs.

  • Major change in WAN technology : Configure and verify single-homed branch office connectivity using eBGP IPv4 (limited to peering and route advertisement using Network command only). This will scare some people, but it's not that hard. Only a few commands to learn, basic understanding of BGP, and a great addition to your knowledge.

  • Infrastructure services, configure and verify basic HSRP is there. Additions are Cloud related topics, traffic path to internal and external services, virtual services, etc. Basic QoS is also present in there, along with ACLs. New addition to the ACLs : Verify ACLs using the APIC-EM Path Trace ACL analysis tool. Todd Lammle covers that in his new videos according to his recent posts here.

  • Infra Maintenance, SNMPv2 and v3, IP SLA, SPAN, AAA, all that is still there. Major change here with the addition of network programmability, function of a controller, northbound and southbound APIs.

So, you no longer need to know about Frame-Relay, but you now need to know basic BGP and SDN stuff at the CCNA level. As usual, Cisco is keeping it's exams up to date with current trends and technologies. The exam seems to get slightly harder with the addition of SDN topics because finding "the cisco answer" might be somewhat difficult. Cisco has a very particular approach to SDN.

200-125 - CCNAX

For the composite exam, since it's just the ICND1 and ICND2 mashed up together, the changes pretty much follows what is listed above. As usual, make sure to check the blueprint before going for your exam in case they snuck a little something I didn't see in there.

Important thing to note if you don't already have a CCNA, R&S or other track, and especially if it's going to be your first Cisco exam : the composite exam is not for you. The composite exam is aimed at people who are already certified and need to recertify. It is not for beginners. There are less questions, but they are usually harder. A quick search on this subreddit will turn up several threads where someone attempted the composite and failed, only to take the two exams approach and pass with high scores on both. If you have to ask, this exam isn't for you.

Hope this helps, don't forget to grab the new blueprints on Cisco's website and good luck!

Important to Note : If you are CCENT certified (you passed ICND1) you can then pass either 200-101 or 200-105 to get your CCNA. Straight from Cisco : Existing CCENT certified individuals can achieve CCNA R&S certification by passing either ICND2 (200-101 or 200-105) or CCNA composite (200-120 or 200-125) exams. Source

Edit 1 : The 200-101 is available for longer, thanks to /u/Cinci555 for pointing it out to me.
Edit 2 : Todd Lammle seems to be covering APIC-EM in his new video series. source
Edit 3 : Added clarification regarding the cert path of current CCENTs.
Edit 4 : Added info about the 200-125
Edit 5 : /u/benczea received an email from Pearson stating the cutoff was on the 21st. source
Edit 6 : Added note regarding the CCNAX and the high failure rate of first time takers on it.

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CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvREOriginal Poster10 points · 3 years ago

2 months ago, I said in this thread:

Look at what is in the CCNP now, it will gradually roll downhill.

I wouldn't be surprised to see FR go away only to be replaced by DMVPN basics. More IPv6, RIPng, OSPFv3, named EIGRP.

I don't think BGP will be touched at the CCNA level anytime soon, but we never know!

And as /u/w0rkac pointed out to me, but we never know. I'm surprised that I was so close to the mark with my guess, but I would never had thought that we would get BGP at the CCNA level so soon.

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2 points · 3 years ago

Hey it's all good - when I heard the news of the update I recalled being a bit surprised by some of the "heavies" around here all agree that an update wasn't for another couple of years. Suppose my takeaway lesson here, as a very young tech, is to stay on your toes!

level 1

No more bridges and hubs, replaced by a basic understanding of firewalls, wireless controllers and access points.

I remember I had an interview where I was asked about a hub and joked that the only thing I used a hub for was tshooting out to a machine with wireshark. At this point hubs have been obsolete for so long that they don't warrant much interest outside of historical context. Anything beyond a quick footnote in the book is a waste of space at this point as I can count the cases I've ran into one in the last 10 years on one hand.

level 2

I found one in production last year. Car dealership running on a 3mbps pipe for about 50 users.


level 3

I've seen a ethernet hub in production in the last 2 years, but they are increasingly pretty rare to see one in actual use as opposed to in a closet or cabinet gathering dust.

level 2
ITILv3, SCP, CCNA R&S2 points · 2 years ago

Hubs are now being replaced with consumer grade linksys switches for the elusive shadow IT folks.. fun times continue to ensue. I kind of want to "accidentally" configure their ports to 10m half dup.. :)

level 2

They're getting pretty poor for troubleshooting. Hubs rarely go above 100BaseT, so you'd be Straight Outta Luck for gigabit connections.

level 3

Afaik true gigabit hubs never really were made. As I noted hubs are pretty much historical at this point.

level 4

Exactly! So they wouldn't even be any good for troubleshooting out to a machine with wireshark.

level 5

If you are only doing it for a short period dropping to 10/100 for troubleshooting isn't a huge deal, but many people have turned to dedicated port mirroring solutions instead.

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10 points · 3 years ago · edited 3 years ago

Do you guys think Boson will update the 200-120 content to 200-125 content for people who already purchased the practice exam, or do you think it will be a completely separate product?

EDIT 1: I'm going to send an email right now to see what they say.

EDIT 2: I just sent an email about this. I'll let us all know how they respond.

EDIT 3: See response below.

Boson's response to my inquiry

Please note that our planned future 200-125 practice exam product would be considered a new product, not an update to our 200-120 product. We do not yet have any information on when our new products will be released. Nor, do we have any information on any possibly upgrade offers yet. Please continue to watch our CCNA Web page for announcements about this:

level 2
2 points · 3 years ago

Thanks for updating us on this. The pressure is now on to get this done in time so the money spent at Boson isn't wasted.

level 2
CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvREOriginal Poster1 point · 3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up!

level 1

I passed 100-101, so I have CCENT. In order to get CCNA can I take either 200-101 or 200-105?

level 2
CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvREOriginal Poster9 points · 3 years ago

Yes, you have until Sept 24th if you want to take 200-101, after that you have to take 200-105 or 200-125.

Straight from Cisco : Existing CCENT certified individuals can achieve CCNA R&S certification by passing either ICND2 (200-101 or 200-105) or CCNA composite (200-120 or 200-125) exams.


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Comment deleted by user3 years ago
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CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvREOriginal Poster3 points · 3 years ago

Frame-relay was in ICND2 (200-101 topic 5.1.h) and therefore was also present in the CCNAX composite exam.

level 3
CCNA: R&S1 point · 2 years ago

Very informative, thanks.

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Comment deleted by user3 years ago
level 2

It's not that the material covered will be technically inaccurate. It will just cover some topics not on the exam (which all videos do) and will not cover some topics that will be on the exam (which all videos also do). So, if the Crouthamel videos are working for you, keep at it.

level 1

Only suggestion is to clarify that only the current ICND1 and combined 200-120 stops being available August 20th, the current ICND2 is available until Sept. 24th.

level 2
CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvREOriginal Poster2 points · 3 years ago

Edited, thank you! I didn't see the third date was different.

level 1

Finally no more frame relay. Also, CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library has en estimated release date of July 15 according to

level 1

I passed my CCNA a few months ago and am currently looking for a job. So no experience yet, Why did they take frame-relay out? Is it not used as much as it was?

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