Testking Customers' Feedbacks

MCSA All The Way!

"70-290 and 291 are passed and I'm MCSA all the way! The exams were easy thanks to Testking learning materials. Great study guide and lots of relevant questions in the testing engine! Thanks Testking, I'm thrilled to have passed both exams easily! Mariel R."

Five Exams In ONE Week

"I can always trust testking.com to help me pass FIVE exams in one week! I just passed and and now MCITP: Enterprise Administrator. You could totally raise your prices and it would still be worth it! Andrew"

Best Preparation

"Testking MCAT was a thorough review of actual test and material as well as study tips was so effective. I admit that I could not prepare for test without your help. Thank you guys! You are the best. Trevor"

Brilliant Hit

"I passed my MACT on first attempt! If you are bound to collage education, then perk up your test preparation with testking. It really works! Tim"


"After taking testking MCAT prep course, the test was so easier than my expectations. I feel so confident with my MCAT score. Thank you so much! Billy"

Great Help!

"Very effective perp material and great support! testking MCAT has made me to get such a great score on MCAT with 10 for verbal and 9 for math . Thank you testking, you rocks. Jim"


"I got 10 for verbal reasoning 10 for math and 8 for scince section. I read your prep material and it works for me. Thanks testking! Don"

Thanks Testking, You Did It

"My score went up 45 just after two weeks. Absolutely great!! Thanks Testking for such incredible support. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends as well. Once again thank you! Diana"

Passed MCAT

"I just took your essay comprehension and felt a great improvement in my writing skills. It is quite excellent and bit intimidating too. I got 10 for my easy writing with you writing samples. Thank you testking, you are really good. Iris"


"Testking question and answers with given detail are very helpful in providing clear understanding of LSAT test material. I felt great improvement in my ability in logical reasoning as well as reading comprehension. Thanks you for everything you did for me. Finally I passed my LSAT and I happy with my 170 score. Amy"

Best Solution To LSAT

"Testking LSAT prep helped me feel confident and pass the test on time. Testking LSAT really helps if you do work sincerely. The prep material used is very easy to understand, focused and up to date. I would recommend this to all those want to improve their LSAT score. Thank you Lorne"

I Am So Glad

"I feel very happy to share my LSAT score with you guys that got with help of Testking LSAT. When I start working, I was so confused but thanks to Testking that made LSAT easy for me. I would recommend this site to everyone wishing to pass LSAT with considerable score. Larry"


"I got 168 score! And I am so happy with it. It is good improvement over my first LSAT score that was just around 134. Thanks Testking for this great help. You are genius with you prep material and strategy. Once again thank you! Tim"


"Testking LSAT provides with exactly what I need to prepare LSAT. It is a difficult test but testking material is very helpful to understand LSAT parts especially analytical reasoning. I got 172 score on my first attempt that is really encouraging. Thank you testking in believing me!"

Great LSAT Prep

"I was so confused with LSAT before your prep class. Now I feel very confident with my 174 score and all credit goes to Testking LSAT per questions and answers that enabled me to pass my test on time. Thank you guys, you did the great. Linden"

Unbelievable Success

"Once I start preparing for my law school test , I was very sacred with my preparation but thanks to Testking that made me LSAT easy for me and I got 172 score. Really guys it is brilliant! Thank you for such help. Brad"


"I was never excepting that online prep could be so effective but with testking LSAT, I improved a lot and got 17 points out of which 7 was for analytical reasoning. Thank you testking! You are great. Josh"


"Testking has improved my LSAT score to a great. I don't think that I could get 170 score without its help. You rock testking. Thanks for such a kind support. Andy"

Thanks Testking

"Testking LSAT is the best place to prepare and score LSAT points beyond your expectation! It gained 175 points on my firs approach. It is really great. I am so glade with my LSAT score. Thanks testking! You helped. Leslie"

Just The Right Time LPIC Level 1

"Took the test LPI and passed it. The Q&As were very helpful. I recommend Testking materials to anyone who is serious about passing the test on the first try!!!! Well I took the Exam today---and I Passed! Now on to getting appointed! The preparation was perfect for the curve ball questions that are planted in the LPIC Level 1 exam. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of time commitment with the proper outcome. Thanks I will definitely recommend everyone to your site. Alex"

Worked Very Well LPIC Level 1

"I took the LPI test today and passed on the first attempt thanks to your study material. You will not believe this, I just went thru the study course route once and did the work book twice before taking the LPIC Level 1 test and passed the first time. .Most of the test questions, in fact all of them were in the work book with small changes in their question pattern, which I think is great. I think Testking work book was the best and worked very well for me. Wilie"

Signed Up Course LPIC Level 1

"I passed the test LPI today. Thank you! I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam the 1st time. Testking course is awesome! I would highly recommended it, especially for 1st time users. I loved it because I could download the Questions and Answers and PDFs and study from wherever I was instead of being chained to my computer. Thanks again.I signed up for the course LPIC Level 1 for Testking, followed your advice and passed first time...in about 45 minutes! Thanks!! Simon"

Thanks To Test King GRE

"I just want to say thanks for such incredible help that make me passing GRE on first attempt. It was so exciting to receive your desired score on first attempt and this entire make possible because of testking's clear teaching and study tips. Thanks again! Ryan"

Thanks Testking!

"Finally, I have got 680 score on math and 590 on verbal test! Testking test simples and study tips helped me to pass my GRE on first try. Thank you for your training course. I have already told my friend how effective your course is. Once again thank you testking! James"

Testking Rockz

"I just want to share with you that I took GRE today and score 1180 points on first try. Even though, I was unable to do thorough study due to time constraints, let me say that all credit goes to testking training course. Once gain thank you for this effective course. Lars"

I Got 1170 Score

"I always wanted to study in U.S. but could not know how to pass GRE to get into graduate school. I did not realize that I needed to be trained for GRE as it mainly concerns to analytical skills. I downloaded testking prep kit and walked away with techniques. Thanks to testking that boosted my score up to 450 for verbal. It's great! Robert"

It Is So Easy

"I was very scared with my GRE but thanks to testking that has made it easy for me with a list of high frequency vocabulary words that are often found on actual GRE. The sample test and techniques help you to memorize the words and excel on test. Thank you guys, you rock! Joshua"

I Did It.

"Testking GRE verbal perp is the really helpful. Even though I admit that I could not gave enough time GRE and confused on English grammar but thanks to testking that has helped me to boost my score up to 480. Now, I can apply for any U.S. graduate school with confidence. Eric"

Testking GRE Q&A Is Best

"Math always has been a problem for me but thanks to Testking GRE prep that helped me to raise my GRE score. It has provided me a chance to go to a collage of my choice. Thanks Testking. Emma"

Thanks Testking

"The Testking GRE has changed my life. It was so important for me to do my best on GRE as my university scholarship depends on it. I was not too good in math but thanks to Testking that helped me to increase my analytical capabilities. Thanks. Oliver"

I Passed The Test

"When you learn from best, you can surly pass your test easily. I did pass my GRE on first attempt and all credit goes to testking GRE. I will recommend it to all those planning to take on GRE. It's really helpful. Julia"

Tremendous Success

"With my personal experience, Testking proves the best. I have boosted my analytical score up to 700 from the starting points of 540-560. Thanks to Testking in believing me when I did not. Zack"

Finally, I Passed!

"I have easily passed my GRe test and got 800 score in analytical ability section and 720 on verbal with 25 questions correct out of 30. Thanks testking for this extensive help. Quinn"

Great Success

"Testking GRE is really a helpful course even for those thinking they do not need any kind of help. The preparation material provides logical examples to prepare you how to answer the questions in logical manners. Thanks Testking. Max"

Best Investment Ever!

"Testking GRE is the best source to get prepare for GRE actual exam. The examples are so logical and easy to understand. I have increased my analytical score up to 650 from first practice test to the last. Testking is great. Alice"

It Really Works

"Testking sample questions and answers facilitated me a lot on my GRE exam. This is really a helpful training course. I have just passed my GRE on single attempt and this could possible only due to testking assistance. Thank you once again! Ellie"

Well Organised

"Thanks to testking. It has really helped me to raise my essay capabilities. Felt the course was well organized and I especially liked the pdf Study Guide, which summarizes very well the many hundreds of pages.It is really a great course. Course material is detailed in very precise manner. Bhaskar M."

Thanks, That Was Easy

"Testking questions and answers and tips helped me to pass the first time. Your samples and example paragraphs sure made it more relative. Thanks again Testking! Peter"

I Passed

"I passed my exam thanks to you. English is not my mother language and heard horror stories of the AWA for us. I did pass and have already submitted my applications to three different schools. Thank you for believing in me even when I did not. Martin"

Thanks, I Passed

"I passed my AWA with a score of 5 so I was very happy! I'm addicted to spell check so I honestly thought I would fail after taking your practice tests the first time. But I put in the time and found its not that tough. Scored 740 on my GMAT in whole. Marina"

Testking Rocks

"Well I passed GMAT! I was planning on acing the English AWA section, but it was the one I had the most trouble with. I recommend that anyone prepping form the GMAT AWA test should spend at least 50% of their time working on this section. Ron"

Thanks For Answers

"I googled GMAT Answers and found testking.com. Wow! What a difference your training materials make! This was so much better than the thick yellow book I was reading and the simulator let me test on the areas and in the amount of time I had available! I'm busy and needed a professional guide through this and it was PERFECT! I owe my GMAT success to you! I scored 760. James"


"Not being big on reading or writing I was really dreading the AWA portion of my test but found myself coasting through using the outline I remembered from my Testking training. Thank you Testking. Frank"

Thank You

"Second time taking the GMAT, first time using testking.com. I scored a 700! Awesome experience throughout, valid questions and excellent guidelines. Thanks Testking! Marco"

Passed GMAT Test

"This is just what I needed to pass my GMAT tests! I've been dragging my feet for months trying to find the right training. Testking's was fast, friendly, and I could actually afford it! I liked not having a 50 lb book to lug around and the software was the best! You'll be seeing me at Columbia soon! Claire"

Thanks, I've Passed

"Talk about thinking outside the box these tests were like nothing I had ever taken before. After remembering to focus and to use the methods and creative thinking like taught in your q and a I passed. I used every minute of my time and passed brilliantly. Thanks to Testking and the support team! Blaire"

I Did It!

"I became an MCSE and CCNA using testking.com when I was 17 two years ago. Now I used the GMAT questions to pass that test too! You have always had my back. Thanks! Paul"

Score 710

"I would've spent countless hours reading books and hunting for sample tests but Testking gave me exactly what I needed and the confidence to score my 710 on the GMAT! Phillip"

I Passed

"There is no way I woulda passed these tests without 3rd party help. Testking is rock solid and you gave me just what I needed. Strategy! Andrew"


"Permutations and Probability - MY BRAIN IS GOING TO EXPLODE! Explode with delight because I passed with a 700! GMAT WIN! Once again you are the best. Christine"

Score 750!

"I scored 750. My buddy scored 770! He actually read all your explanations and put an extra half hour or more a night into training. I only wanted the right answers. Either way it was worth it! No complaints here! We both thank you. Cassie"

I've Passed The Test

"I studied with a huge tome of a book for two months and barely got an inch. I kept failing practice tests and couldn't wrap my brain around even how to think about what they were asking. You saved my life and more importantly my sanity! Kira"

Great Way To Pass

"Scored 750 on my GMAT. I used your Q and A to quiz and prepare before the test. It was a great way to re-evaluate what I needed to focus on. I can smell the MBA already. Thanks for the great support materials. Mark"

Your Prep Course Was Easy

"When I stared preparing for GED, it seemed too much difficult. I dropped out in school for the years and did not perform well when I was there. I was so scared with my GED prep but I tried and passed everything including math and social studies. Thank you testking for helping me! Keep updating! Salene"

Testking GED Prep Works!

"I want to you say that you are the best. The complete program was awesome particularly writing portion with exceptional examples. Keep doing good work. I would recommend this to everyone aspirating to earn GED. Thanks. Trevor"

Incredible GED

"I dropped out in the 10th grad and have been procrastinating about achieving GED for the years. First I tried GED school but it was too expensive and difficult to manage. So I tried your prep course and I passed the complete including reading and writing sections and it just took two months to complete. Thank you testking! You did it. Garry"

Thank You Testking

"My employer told me that I could get better job in different department if I had GED certificate. I searched online and signed up for this prep course and within two weeks I got my diploma. At start, I was scared that I could not pass the test I was completely untouched to my school for the years but thanks to testking that makes my GED studies easy for me. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone looking to pass GED test. Thank you again. Simon"

Marvelous Success

"since the 5th grad, getting admission in collage to pursue higher education was my desired dream. It is not to say that tracking down a dream was never be so easier. There have been several problems that I have to face out. I need to pass GED test because I was home educated and many collages had problem accepting my school diploma. I searched online and come to know about this course. I took your course for just couple of weeks and pass my GED with distinction. Thanks guys. You did great! Heather"

Brilliant Success

"I dropped out in 8th grade for certain reason and had not finished up my high school. I tried many times to Attend GED classes but couldn't succeed. First when I came to know about your GED prep course, I didn't believe in it but reading details thoroughly, I enrolled because it was flexible and passed with 95% score. Currently I am doing as special program officer in local community collage and also planning to start my own business. Thank you testking for providing such GED help! David"

I Am So Happy

"I have just received my GED score and feeling so happy with my score. It was very important for me to pass GED in order to move on my desired life. Thank you testking for helping me to get realize my dreams. The GED prep material was very easy, logical and well organized. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends wishing to improve their GED score. Once again thank you. Ashleigh"

Best Online Prep

"I have postponed my GED for years. I enrolled in GED classes for couple of times but could not complete. It seemed too much hectic then I came to know about your online GED course and it was much better than the scheduled classes. I took my GED test last month and passed with distinction in social studies. I must say that I could not do this without your help. Thank you testking! You helped me. Eva"

Great Work

"I have had dropout my school for 10 years. I always wanted a high paying job but found no way. In mean while, I did lot of attempts on GED but never succeed. Then I came to meet one of my old friends who told me about you guys. At start, I was little skeptical but once I go through GED study guides and practice test, it dramatically improve my score. Now I have enrolled in collage to further my education. Thank you testking for making my life! Irene"

Easy & Fast GED

"I have just received my GED and looking forward to continue my education. I am very happy with my GED scoring and plan on enrolling in collage to study auto mechanics and aviation. Thank you Testking! This because of you my dream of getting highly skilled job comes to true. Once again thank you. Martin"


"I just want to say my thanks for your assistance on my GED exam. This is really a wonderful site. I took my GED but very nerving that I may could not complete the test but after taking your help , I passed my GED test just within two weeks. Thanks you testking . You solved a big problem of mine. Carrie"


"I passed! Yes, I got my GED score and receive 2890 marks. Not too bad for a job person who was complete out of studies for the years. Now I enrolled and taking classes at university of Maryland. I liked your program very much and recommend to all those looking for GED help. Kenz"

Thanks Testking GED

"I just want to say thank you for providing me help in passing my GED test. Though I could not make a huge score but it was quite satisfactory to move on my next like. Thanks Testking for help. Charlie"

It Was Good

"I took my GED test today and it was good. I took your study guide for help with math portion and got 90% marks for my GED math. Now I have enrolled for graduate classes. Thanks Testking. You are great! Colin"


"Finally I passed my GED. Though it was so tiring but at last I get what I desired for. This is certainly one of the best things I did for myself. It was great experience working with you. Testking GED prep was very helpful and supportive. All the prep material and study tools particularly in math section were very effective. I would recommend this site to all my friends, colleagues and family member wishing to pass GED test. Josh"

Word To Word CWNA

"I took the exam CWNA and passed (first time). The test was not easy as there are a lot of material to cover. I have taken many exams including others but this was tough. I went over the practice exams over and over. Memorize the entire practice exams CWNA . There were word for word. I know I would not have passed had it not been for the practice exams. Know Testking material and a couple illustration questions for the elderly. Thanks so much Michel"

Prepared Me Well CWNA

"All in all, Testking course definitely prepared me for passing. I relied heavily on the practice test questions, key facts and great Study Guides (really helpful in explaining the concepts in a way to be retained). I'd say that probably 60% of the test CWNA came straight out of the key facts. It was hard no doubt...but the work book helped me pass. I studied the work book over and over and the test CWNA was no problem. The questions were easy because they came back to me from the work book. William"

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