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No, but it looks cool

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I love flying the bolide at its limit. Nosedives and then pulling up at high speed, but having to manage it carefully lest the wings fold.

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God that's all I did last night lmao, such a fun mod

There is a mod in the discord for unlimited slow mo

It's kind of a buggy mess. I just bought it two days ago - and though I'm enjoying it - the visuals seem to be a downgrade from JC3 (especially the water). They took out liberations of towns in favor of an ongoing war that has you work to advance your territory. Honestly I've never cared about the story in JC anyway, but this new island feels quite empty when you wanna just roam around. The anti aliasing is so bad that the tornadoes look blocky even at close range. On the upshot, you can now customize grapple loadouts. In other words, you can choose what gadget is used when you hook two things together (boosters, retraction, or balloons ala Metal Gear V). Wait for it to get patched is all I'm sayin'.

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I really hated the liberations, an ongoing war sounds pretty rad

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I mean, why not use the forks then, and not risk royally fucking up your equipment?

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Back of a forklift can have half a foot of iron

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Last time this was posted, it was gunpowder buildup on the ground.

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I just don’t use bathrooms entirely.

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What he is saying is that you're supposed to wait for a gap in the traffic and then indicate before pulling off. You're not supposed to just sit there with your indicator on because on a high traffic road, if someone was to slow down for you, they might get rear ended.

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That actually makes a lot of sense

I haven't played this game in a year, but there are specific patterns that you need to follow to scan the most efficiently.

Damn that water is super impressive


Jokes a side, it'd sound like shooting a piece of metal, except louder and the gunshots sound like something akin to a a film projector mixed with a paintball gun with a bit more pop.

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Woah, seriously? I can't read it right now, at work. But I'm downloading that and I'll browse through it tonight. Quick TLDR as to why?

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Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) kills the vyvanse

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heatseeking missiles is bound to ruin gameplay and we already have Ace Combat for those kind of games

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Not really, early missiles sucked ass and will probably be easily avoidable in game

Full elevator, full aileron, and full rudder in same direction as ailerons

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Technique, not technic

I mean, he said his English wasn't good

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That's why I'm trying to help

Careful, those zip ties snap suddenly and rather explosively. If you've got string or wire or something to back that up, I'd feel a lot better with some redundancy, if I were you.

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What is a bunch of zipties but a weird cable?

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Thanks this was helpful

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Thank you.

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15mls just to prime lmao

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I when through 100ml in about 12 hrs.

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Was it worth it

Yea that's the whole point of them

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